Why To Avoid Curd at Night

Curd has a lot of benefits and it is basically a milk product. The curd helps in boosting the immunity and it also has a lot of calcium content. Moreover, it helps in improving the digestion and it also helps in dealing with skin and dandruff problems. As per one of the research, curd can also help in relieving stress. Making curd at home is quite easy and at the same time, the curd can also be bought from the market. A lot of people eat curd as an accompaniment and there are some people who make buttermilk with the curd before consuming it but you might have heard your elders tell you to avoid having curd at night. There are certain reasons why the curd should be avoided at night.

The reasons are listed below –
1. As per Ayurveda, curd is known to be the main cause of Kapha. Kapha is a Sanskrit word and word ‘cough’ has been derived out of Kapha. So as you can guess, the curd can cause mucus generation in the body which could eventually lead to blocked nose and cough. It is highly inadvisable for the person who suffers from cold and cough to have curd at the night time as this could trigger severe problems such as cold, sinus and much more. However, if a person is prone to cold and sinus, he may go ahead and consume buttermilk or curd at night.

2. The second reason for avoiding curd at night is that it is believed that having curd at night can cause indigestion. The validity of this claim is not known but as per Ayurveda, if the curd is mixed with honey, ghee, sugar, Amla and green gram then the mixture could benefit the patients suffering from trouble in urination and indigestion.

3. A person should also avoid having curd and sugar at night during the dinner time as it could trigger the problem of cold and in addition to this, the curd and sugar can also lead to waiting gain because of the presence of sugar
There are certain people who are accustomed to having curd at night and for them, it is almost impossible to have food without the curd at night. In such a case, these people can go ahead and mix a pinch of pepper powder in the curd as this would avoid indigestion. In addition to this, it is also believed that the people may also add fenugreek powder to the curd so as to avoid all the harmful effects of having curd at night. Fenugreek is also known as methi in Hindi. The best way to consume curd at night is to have buttermilk or to mix fenugreek powder.
Hence, to conclude with, we would just recommend avoiding having plain curd at night and instead go with something like curd rice, buttermilk, kadhi or even raita as these things would benefit you instead of causing indigestion and Kapha.