Things that you should not do at night if you need healthy hair

Getting beautiful and healthy locks of hair is not an easy job and one has to give attention to their hair to get silky and voluminous hair. One of the thing that you should pay attention is to see how you treat your treat at night. In the process of getting healthy hair, many do treat their hair in an unruly manner, which is not good at all. Tying your hair tight while sleeping at night should be avoided at all costs because it does not allow the blood to flow to the roots of your hair, which can lead to breaking of hair. Some things that you should not do if you need healthy hair are listed as under:

1. Do not sleep on an old pillow case
The pillowcases are needed to be changed repeatedly because they get dirty. That dirt can cause serious damage to your hair. When you toss and turn in the bed, hair also moves with you and that can lead to fizziness in your hair. The best thing is to wrap your hair with a cloth so that even if you move in your bed, your hair remains intact and do not fall in prey to an old pillowcase.

2. Do not tie your hair too tight
Hair should not be tied too tight at night because it does not hair to come out from any side and that can lead to a receding hairline that is not good at all. One can notice thinning of hair near the hairline because of tying their hair too tight. Loose buns or ponytails can be made while sleeping at night so that hair can get moisture and air even at night.

3. Sleeping with wet hair should be avoided
It is the habit of many girls to wash their hair at night and then they sleep with wet hair. This is something that should be strictly avoided at all costs. Sleeping with wet hair can lead to breaking and damaging of hair. It is easy to stretch wet hair and that can lead to breaking of hair easily. It also is tangled at night, which takes a lot of time to detangle. After washing your hair, let your hair free until it is dried.

4. Condition of hair should not be forgotten
While sleeping at night, it is necessary to condition your hair because it nourishes your hair and makes it thick and healthy. Leave in conditioner should be applied at night because it helps in the growth of hair and at the same time, it makes hair supple. The internal hair is prevented from being damaged.

5. Use of metal hair ties
Girls with curly or wavy hair prefer to tie their hair before sleeping at night. Nevertheless, loose ponytails should be used and metal hair ties should be prevented. Metal hair ties break through the hair at night and leads to breakage of hair.

These are some of the things that should not be forgotten at night! Protect your beautiful locks at all times.