Massage your feet before sleep

Having a good health is what everyone desires and when it comes to health, then feet comes into limelight. Massaging of feet before sleep can lead you to have a worry free and healthy sleep which is required during night. Reflexology is seen as the better prospect of giving relief from pains and stress. Getting a feet massage is not something that is so tough. You can always massage your feet before your go to sleep so that you get relief from pain of walking and doing all activities in a day. Some of the benefits of massaging your foot before sleep are listed as under:
1. Helps to improve mental health and wellness
Mental and psychological balance of the body can be maintained by foot massage every night. Blood pressure and heart rates are brought to normal by massaging of foot. When you are free from your stress, you can have a worry free sleep which will help to solve all kinds of diseases in the body. Some people who work at demanding jobs feel some kind of mental stress which can be easily removed with foot massage.

2. It acts as a reliever from pain
People keep on walking the whole day and when at night, they do feel the pain in their feet which needs to be removed. Feet massage acts as a natural pain killer and it reduces all the body pain in seconds. The massaging of the soft tissues of the feet has emotional connection with human beings and when it is performed by their dear ones, it has more healing effects. Anxiety levels and mood improvements are seen when you massage your feet each night.

3. Massage for swollen legs
If you stand continuously for longer hours, there are chances that you might face swollen legs which can be easily treated with massaging of feet. Too much of swelling of legs is a sign of some kinds of diseases like kidney disease, heart disease, etc. So, it is important to treat swollen legs to prevent any kind of disease.

4. Reducing of high blood pressure
Having high blood pressure that is common among people of older age groups. Reflexology is one method through which it is easy to treat high blood pressure. The circulation of blood also is improved and it reaches to every part of the body with ease.

5. Treats sleep disorders
Many people suffer from sleep disorders as they suffer from insomnia and don’t get enough sleep at night. This is the main reason why many people feel lethargic and can’t work properly during day time. They feel sleepy all the time and don’t remain active. Massaging of foot helps in this matter.

How to have a good foot massage?
1.Use some olive oil and put it on your feet before you massage it.
2.Hold your foot high and then from the toe till ankle, slowly move backwards with lighter strokes.
3.Repeat this step for around 3-4 times before you go to sleep.