Lose 10 Kg in 2 weeks with Special Lemon Water

Lemon is one of the most special agents for weight loss. Various studies and reports have proved that Lemon intake can increase the weight loss in obese people by considerable rate. However, there is always a special combination that can catalyze the event at the maximum rate. The same way, the special lemon water along with some schedule and routine can result in 10 KG of weight loss in just 2 weeks. Here is the special lemon water and here is how you must use it.

Special Combination
The special combination of lemon juice is a moderate concentration of lemon in the hot water. Hot does not really boil water, but warm. It is not advisable to go for very warm water; instead, light warm is preferred. However, the lemon juice can be consumed by any combination and proportion as the juice increases the weight loss.

Why lemon water
There are several reasons why lemon water must be used for the weight loss. The very first thing is the Vitamin C. The lemon is an enriched source of the Vitamin C and that is one of the most important ingredients for the weight loss as per the medical studies. The higher level of Vitamin C in the blood ensures that more fat is burnt during the physical workout. So, it simply enhances the productivity of the physical exercise.
The lemon pulp is one of the best ingredients for the weight loss as well. The lemon pulp has the Pectin. This makes you feel, you are full and enhances the metabolism. Thus more fat is burnt and you do not feel hungry as well. This ensures that you do not overeat.
The Lemon also has the antioxidant flavonoid, hesperetin. This is a fat diet and ensures that more fat is burnt. However, the scientist and the medical experts believe that the antioxidant oxidizes the lipid and causes the weight reduction. But this has not been proved in the laboratory so far for a human. This holds true for the laboratory research on the mice.

The schedule and drinking of water drinking also make difference in the weight loss. The cold water burns more energy of the body whereas the hot water causes less calorie burn. But the warm water completes the thirst. The thirst is often mistaken as hunger and people overeat due to the same. The intake of warm water with lemon ensure that the body burns energy and also you do not feel to eat more. However, drinking water especially cold is not bad either and water consumption improves the digestion and metabolism. Thus if you are drinking cold water during the remaining day, that can also help you to lose weight. Drinking water before the meal is considered very good habit for losing weight and thus a person should drink water just before the meal to lose more weight.
The special lemon water can accelerate the weight loss by a considerable amount and can cause the help you lose 10 KG of weight in just 2 weeks. However, the figure may differ on individuals.