How to find liver cancer early?

Cancer is one such dangerous disease that takes the life of a person and cripples him to death. And the worst part of cancer is that it cannot be detected early. The signs and symptom of cancer show late and not in the initial stages and till that time, it becomes impossible to save the person. Liver cancer is considered as one of the fourth most common disease a person suffers from. Liver cancer starts from the tissues surrounding the liver and as the tissue enlarges, it gets to different stages. But, there are certain symptoms that a person shows through which it can be known if a person is in the first stage of cancer. Some of these symptoms are listed as under:
1. Pain in the abdomen
Liver cancer shows no sign in the beginning and when the tumour starts to grow, there will be pain on the abdomen on the right side and the patient might feel full all the time and would not like to eat anything much.

2. Yellowing of skin
A person suffering from liver cancer will find that his skin is getting changed to the colour yellow and it became pale and thin. People suffering from jaundice has their skin colour changed to yellow but that might also be a symptom for the cause of liver cancer.

3. Itching and vomiting
The person will be exposed to continuous vomiting whenever he eats something. Because of this reason, he might not be able to eat properly and there will be itching on the skin. Skin will feel prickly and itching problem will appear in all parts of the body.

4. Loss of weight
Losing weight is what everyone wants but sudden loss of a lot of weight is not at all desirable. If a person becomes skinny suddenly without any kind of hard work, then do know for sure that this is a sign of liver cancer.

There are certain diagnoses which can be performed to find out if a person is suffering from cancer. Whenever you find a person showing some of these symptoms, then simply go to the hospital to conduct some tests and be sure of their own body.

1.CT scans
CT scan is one of the best option to find out if one is suffering from liver cancer. The CT scan will find out the enlargement of liver and if it gets enlarged, then required surgery and medicines should be taken at the first stage itself to protect one from liver cancer.

Laparoscopy is the best way to find out if one is suffering from liver cancer. This is a surgical procedure where a thin and light scope is inserted into the abdomen and through this scope, the doctors will try to find out about any kind of disease in the liver.

Liver cancer can be treated during the initial stages only if it is found out. Treating it at a later stage is not possible and in that way the person can’t be saved.