How to detect cancer early

Cancer is a dangerous disease, which is hard to detect. People know about cancer at the later stages of cancer when it becomes impossible to treat cancer. However, there are certain symptoms that need to be paid extra attention to you want to know the early detection of cancer. It is important to detect cancer early so that they do not get a chance to spread and grow in the body. However, certain steps can be followed to detect cancer at an early stage to save people from dying. These detections are listed as under:

1. Getting screened
One of the ways of detecting cancer is to get a man screened to get accurate results. Men aged between 50 to 70 years are needed to be screened in every one to two years to stay away from the danger of cancer. However, before screening, the effective results should be consulted with the doctor and if he says that it is safe, then you can go ahead with being screened. For women, screening can be done after the age of 40 to save one from the chances of breast cancer. However, risk factors cannot be controlled all the time and some people do fall prey to cancer. The process can start with a yearly check up with a doctor to find out if all the tests are positive. When you go for screening, not only age and gender but also family history is essential to know before the screening procedure.

2. Knowing your family history
Cancer can also be a disease that can be carried in the genes and if you want to detect cancer, then you should find out about your family history. Try finding out if there is anyone in your family who has ever suffered from cancer. If there is someone with cancer, then earlier screening is needed to prevent yourself from cancer. Colonscopies are needed to be run at the age of 25 if anyone from your family member is suffering from cancer.

3. Control those which you can
If one is suffering from cancer, it is not possible to stop all risks all at once. You should try with what you can. There are many different types of cancer and the treatments to all are different. If you want to protect yourself from skin cancer, do not try out tanning beds or do not be exposed to excessive heat. Liver cancer can be stopped if drinking is reduced to a minimal level. Breast cancer can be stopped by doing regular exercise and keep your weight in a healthy manner.

Symptoms of cancer
In the initial stages of cancer, certain symptoms are shown by the victim and if you can find out about the symptoms at an early stage, then you can take the remedial measures. Some of these symptoms are:
1.Loss of weight
2.Vomiting and nausea
3.Excessive exposure to cough and cold, etc.

By understanding the symptoms at the right time, cancer can be prevented and one can lead a healthy life.