Home remedy for knee pain

Knee joints go through a constant wear and tear because people keep on doing activities all through the day. This leads to pain in the knee joints which can also reach severe levels. Vitamin deficiency, bad diet, arthritis, etc. are some of the prime causes for knee pain. Whenever you feel knee pain, you should resort to getting relief from it soon. The best way is to try on home remedies and natural products. Some of the home remedies for knee joints are listed as under:
1. Drinking of more water
It is a bit difficult to believe but water can cure knee pain. Water is needed in all essence in life and it can help a person till the extent of getting relief of knee pain. The cartilage surrounding the knee is hydrated if a person drinks proper amount of water every day. The cartilage becomes soft and the pain is reduced significantly. Blood circulation also gets effective near the knees and the nutrients reach the knee section properly only with the intake of water. Any kind of toxins that can cause knee pain are removed from the knee to give relief from pain.

2. Milk and turmeric
Turmeric has many healing properties in it and these properties can also be used to get relief from knee pain. Milk and turmeric mixed together is the age old recipe to cure any kind of pain. Two tablespoons of turmeric powder should be mixed with 1 glass of lukewarm water. This mixture should be drank everyday till the time you don’t get relief from your pain.

3. White willow tea
Salicin is present in white willow tea which can be termed as the original aspirin. Salicin acts as a pain killer without having any side effects to it. And it gives relief from pain for a long time. Boil water to a temperature and let it shimmer for some time. Then add 3 tablespoons of white willow bark powder to the water and let it cool for some time. This tea should be consumed twice in a day if you need effective results. The taste can be made better by putting some honey drops in the tea.

4. Dandelion leaves
The knee pain is caused because of damaged tissues in the areas surrounding the knee. Dandelion leaves are the best sure in this case. It contains Vitamin A and C in it which can repair all kinds of damaged tissues in the body. And also, the toxins from the body are removed easily. These leaves are inflammatory in nature and can give a good immune system which will help to keep diseases at bay.

5. Epsom salt
Magnesium sulphate is present in Epsom salt which makes chronic knee pain go away in just few minutes. Warm water should be taken and Epsom salt should be mixed with the water. Stir the mixture and then put your knees in the water. This will help to heal the sore joints.

These are some of the remedies that can be tried out at home. It is also essential to consult a doctor if the pain is unbearable.