Health Benefits of Dry Grapes Soaked In Water

Also known as raisins, dry grapes when added to cookies or curries instantly raise the royal appeal of the meals. Thus wrinkled chewy rubber like dry fruit might not appear as tempting as other fruits in the nuts family, however. Raisins are highly renowned for causing significant benefits to the human body. Even the more, there is a popular breakfast meal of raisins called the Kellogg’s Raisin Bran; which is made up of golden raisins Sultana.

However, due to their heating effects in the body, whole raisins are not consumed by majority of the people. Therefore, the best way to consume raisins is after soaking them in water.

How to Consume Soaked Raisins
First of all, it’s important to pay attention while choosing the right kind of raisins. If they are beautifully glossy looking, straightaway ignore them. This gloss indicates adulteration and preservatives. Second thing to note is darker the color of raisins, more is their nutritional value. To consume them, simply fill a bowl with mild water, put 10-20 raisins in it and leave it covered overnight for at least 8 to 9 hours. Now, before the first meal of the morning, filter out these raisins and eat. While you can eat them at any time of the day, ideally morning time is the best.

From the many benefits of kishmish, here are the major ones.

1. Healthy & Strong Hair
Every 100 grams of seedless raisins comprise of 1.88 milligrams of iron. This rich constitution of iron helps in filling the gaps in the scalp caused by mineral deficiency. And hence, a spoonful of raisins help in preventing hair fall, and also revive the lost shine.

2. Anti-ageing
It’s already well known that anti-oxidants are abundant sources of slower body ageing. You would love to know that these rubbery dry fruits also contain a powerful anti-oxidant called Resveratrol. Resveratrol helps in cell repair and rejuvenation thereby keeping the luster and glow of your skin to last long.

3. Prevention of Heart Diseases
If your diet patterns are composed of oily foods, fried snacks or viscous gravies, soaked raisins are highly excellent for you. Elements like magnesium and potassium present in soaked raisins act as natural antacids fighting with acidity right away before it reaches your respiratory tract and cause some heart problem.

4. Enhances Vision
Amidst ample vitamin content, raisins soaked in water also contain large quantities of Vitamin A which further helps in strengthening the retina muscles. Besides, raisins also compose of the poly-phenolic phyto-nutrients and cartenoids which are highly beneficial for persons at the edge of going old. These significantly prevent the weakening of vision and other age-related diseases like conjunctivitis.

5. Cures Anemia
Containing substances like iron and carbohydrates of low glycemic index along with lots of healthy vitamins and minerals instantly boosts the level of hemoglobin in blood. For this reason, water soaked raisins are strongly recommended for persons suffering from blood deficiency or anemia.

There might be plethora of artificial treatments and medicines nowadays but the storehouse of ingredients our mother nature has endowed us with is all that you need. Not an expensive or mind-puzzling diet, you just need a spoonful of raisins every day.