Don’t remove body hair

It’s nearly impossible to find a woman who doesn’t shave off her body hair. Keeping body hair is thought to be something that doesn’t suit women nor men. Waxing or using hair removal creams are important for women. But, the most dangerous method is shaving body hair. Shaving razor can damage skin to a great extent and also removing body hair is not at all good for the skin. Shaving is more related to men as it damages their skin more. Some of the reasons why you shouldn’t remove body hair are listed as under:
1. It leads to rough skin
Removing body hair completely and that too with the use of razor leads to rough skin and acne might grow on the skin. The difference can be found out during winters when after shaving or waxing, white patches might grow on the skin and the patch feels rough and weird to touch. The moisture from skin is removed and all that is left is a hard skin to touch. Girls want their skin to be soft and for that purpose, they should not resort to removal of body hair.

2. Leads to a green colour on skin
Due to continuous removal of body hair, a green colour may be formed on the skin. The green colour is due to the formation of algae and some kind of virus on the skin due to continuous shaving. The moisture content is removed completely which leads to the formation of the green patches. Just when hair starts to grow again, at that point the green patch is formed and after shaving it again, it gets removed for some time and again it comes back to the same position.

3. It leads to in growth hair
Shaving only removes hair from the top part. The inner part of the hair is not removed and the growth starts only in some days of shaving. When the hair is not plucked out from the roots, small boils can form on the body and these boils cause a lot of pain and it can be dangerous also. Regular removal of body hair also makes the hair hard and hard hair does not suit women.

4. Faster growth of hair
When you shave your hair, it comes out easily in just 2-3 days and the hair grows in a longer way. No one likes to remove their hair in every 2 days. Waxing is good in some ways but removal of hair should be stopped only to have a soft and supple skin. If you have a habit of shaving frequently, then you should be ready to do it every frequent intervals.

5. Prickly hair growing on the body
Once you shave your hair, the next time hair grows it will grow in a prickly way which is not at all good to touch. It is hard and itchy and every time you shave, it will be same. So, it the best thing is not to remove body hair at all.

These are some of the points to keep in mind. For your best, you should not shave your body hair.