5 Healthy Foods to Increase Weight

While the buzz everywhere is about obese people, overweight people, people who are desperate to lose weight. On the other side of the medal that is generally ignored, are the skinnies, slimies, people who are desperate to gain weight. These people are come under the category of underweight people, carrying a Body-Mass Index (BMI) of less than 18.5. You might not believe, but there are over 500 million people who are extremely skinny currently.

Why Increase Weight?
People, especially females consider being skinny as a token of high self-esteem however. The reality is that being underweight is equally direful for the body as is being overweight. It can lead to a variety of problems including but not limited to anemia, low bone density, tissue damage, excessive bleeding during menstruation plus the problems in pregnancy.

Due to lack of much awareness about these complications arising off the less weight, skinny people get on the wrong ways to gain weight like consumption of fat-inducing junk food or use of harmful drugs.

No matter how much progress weight makes from these methods, inside the body, they are causing double damage to it. Gaining weight and that too with healthy diet is no less than a challenge, not that challenging though. With the list of foods mentioned below, you would be able to gain weight easily without compromising on your health. Read on.

1. Non-Additive Nut Butters
Nut butters are excellent if you are looking forward to gain wait in a healthy way. Plus they are delicious too. Take almond butter or peanut, even a 100 gram spoon of these butters contain 4 to 5 grams of protein which helps in building muscle. So, scoop out a spoon of peanut butter and spread it on chapatti or bread and feel the roasted, nutty taste. And yes, remember to use the whole-grain bread.

2. Homemade Protein Shakes
Proteins aren’t generally fat-inspiring rather they are muscle-inspiring. Their key role is to balance the percent of fat and muscle in the body. Therefore, protein shakes and smoothies are used not just to gain weight but to lose weight as well. For gaining weight, you can purchase a pack of protein whey powder. To make, simply mix a spoon or two of protein in whole fat milk, add a teaspoon of nut butter and there it’s ready. If it suits your body, you can also add crushed nuts in the shake.

3. Potatoes
Potatoes, doesn’t mean all those French fries, burgers and all those fried foods that might come to your imagination. Potatoes are rich sources of proteins, fats and fiber, however, they work best when used boiled or roasted. Plus, try eating potatoes with their peel on. Half of the protein content is contained in their peels. Better still, rather than white potatoes, use red or sweet potatoes.

4. Cheese
While American lifestyle is almost incomplete without cheese, the ingredient is spreading itself in Eastern kitchens also. High protein and rich milk nutrients maker it one of the healthiest foods used to add to the weight. And delicious too! Use Swiss, Parmesan or goat cheese on breads, on rotis, in salad dressings or in curries.

5. Avocados
Avocados are nutrient-rich fruits comprising of healthy fats, fiber, minerals, folic acid and lots of vitamins. One large avocado consists of 30 grams of healthy fat and nearly 320 calories. Enjoy raw, as sliced in salads or as cut-out on toasts.

Bottom Line
These are the major but not all the foods that help gain weight. Keep on mixing and matching them with other ingredients as well. Ultimately, every body type is different. What suits your body is for you.